Borough of Beaver, PA • Established 1802

Visitor’s Center Gallery Textual Descriptions

Visitor’s Center – Town Description

Visitor’s Center Gallery Textual Descriptions

Photo 1: Wide angle view of the Beaver Area High School campus with lush, green grass and blue skies.

Photo 2: Two woman shoppers waiting to cross a downtown street next to an ornate iron lamp post.

Photo 3: Several shoppers downtown walking along brick sidewalk.

Photo 4: Close up of ornate wooden door, stained glass and stonework of entrance to church.

Photo 5: Wide angle view of brick church with tall white wooden steeple on the main street of town.

Photo 6: Overhead angled view of Civil War memorial in one of the four towns squares downtown.

Photo 7: Late evening view of iconic clock tower with long shadows, mother and children resting at its base.

Photo 8: Festival crowd along 3rd Street sidewalk on a hot summer day looking for bargains.

Photo 9: Wide view of Methodist Church showing detailed stonework construction and slate roof.

Photo 10: Quay home with historic plaque describing Matthew Quay’s 19th century political achievements.

Photo 11: View overlooking the Ohio River from Fort McIntosh site, with cannon in foreground.

Photo 12: Street dining being enjoyed by young father and baby along with others in the downtown.

Photo 13: Classic 19th century Tudor architectural styled home.