Borough of Beaver, PA • Established 1802

Architectural Gallery Textual Descriptions

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Architectural Gallery Textual Descriptions

Photo 1: Condominiums overlooking one of the town’s central parks.

Photo 2: 19th century gray framed Federalist home with flag displayed.

Photo 3: Large red brick and green trim Victorian 3-story round turret.

Photo 4: Double gabled brick home with hipped roof.

Photo 5: 2-story brick colonial with triple gables and flag bunting displayed.

Photo 6: Green Framed Victorian with detailed brackets and gingerbread wooden porch details.

Photo 7: Cut gray stone with wide mortar spacing and side portico, American flag displayed.

Photo 8: Classic red brick Victorian with wide front porch and large circular turret.

Photo 9: Brick Tudor with gargoyles, slate roof and detailed landscaping including fountain.

Photo 10: Four story brick apartment complex.

Photo 11: Victorian styled condominiums constructed in the 90’s.

Photo 12: Double turreted red brick Victorian with second-story porch.

Photo 13: Stone Gargoyle atop a Tudor brick home with leaded glass windows and detailed brickwork.

Photo 14: Large four gabled brown brick home with leaded windows and contrasting window trim.

Photo 15: Four-gabled southern colonial-styled home with wide front porch with American flag.

Photo 16: Cut sandstone colonial home with screened-in porch and observation area above.

Photo 17: Large red framed Victorian with detailed porch wood trim work and brackets.

Photo 18: Yellow framed Victorian home dappled in sunlight with porch entry at front corner.

Photo 19: 3-story luxury condos overlooking a park areas near downtown with extensive landscaping.

Photo 20: Light green framed Queen Anne Victorian home.

Photo 21: Large red brick home with gabled roof and single front gable and wide front porch.

Photo 22: Oldest home in Beaver, gray 2-story wooden framed home with red shutters.

Photo 23: Queen Anne Victorian red brick home with detailed bracketing on porch and 2nd floor.

Photo 24: Queen Anne Victorian red brick home with wraparound porch leaded glass windows.

Photo 25: Yellow brick condominium project converted from a former public school.

Photo 26: 2-story home with detailed brickwork and double gabled slate roof.

Photo 27: Large white painted brick home with cross gable roof line.