Borough of Beaver, PA • Established 1802

Resident Information

Resident Information

Information listed below is not all-inclusive.  Resident Information is for general information purposes only.  While the Borough of Beaver endeavors to keep the information as up to date and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the accuracy or reliability of the information provided on the website links.  Any reliance you place on such information is strictly done at your own discretion.

Air Quality Information


United States EPA National Air Quality: Status and Trends of Key Air Pollutants

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Bureau of Air Quality

Ambulance Service

Medic Rescue is the provider of emergency medical services (EMS) serving the communities of Beaver County. For more information, call 724‐728‐3620 – Website – Medic Rescue

Animal Control

For more information on animal control, adoption of dogs and cats, call Beaver County Humane Society at 724‐775‐5801. Website – Beaver County Humane Society

Information regarding humane solutions to unwanted cat behaviors – Click here

Beaver County’s Swift911 Notification System

System Swift911 is a high-speed Emergency Notification System that alerts residents to emergency situations like severe storm warnings, evacuations and more in the local area.  The program has the capability of delivering messages to the entire County via telephone, cell phone, email, text message and social media sites.  Some phone numbers are not in the system and residents are encouraged to update their information and contact preferences, or add phone numbers, cell phones and email addresses.

To register your information text “SWIFT911” to 99538 to customize your information or visit the website Beaver County Swift911

Registering through the Swift911 web portal ensures that residents have access to the most immediate notice of an emergency in their area.

Borough Office

Located at 469 Third Street, Beaver. Ph 724‐773‐6700. In Person business hours are Monday–Thursday 9:00AM-3:00PM; by telephone Monday-Friday 8:00AM-4:00PM.

  • Beaver is governed by a nine-person council, three representing each of the three wards in the borough. Council members are uncompensated and serve four‐year staggered terms.
  • Council meets each second Tuesday of each month at 7:00PM at the Borough Community Room.

Building & Zoning Permits

Most work requires both Borough zoning and State building applications. All forms must be picked up at the borough office. Generally, zoning and building permits are required for change of use or prior to following construction activity such as rebuilding, moving, enlarging, or physically altering a building or other structure. Ph 724‐773‐6700.  

Please see the Permit section

Cable Television

Comcast, located at 2810 Darlington Road, Beaver Falls, provides cable services for Beaver. Ph 1‐800‐266‐2278. Website – Comcast



For more information visit, Census 101, How Census Data is Used,   Confidentiality-factsheet2020 Census Jobs Available!

Chamber of Commerce

Call or write the Chamber at Beaver Area Chamber of Commerce, 469 Third Street, Beaver. Ph 724‐888‐3820. Website ‐ Beaver Area Chamber of Commerce

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Complaints – In order to file a complaint, call Rick Sprecker 724-462-4314.

Community Events

List of events can be found on several sites:

Dial 2-1-1

It’s your friendly-community-24 hour-professionally-staffed hot-line for help with human services. If you need help, info or referrals in your community, dial 2-1-1 first. [Link]

Dog License Application

The Borough of Beaver requires that all dog owners acquire licenses for their pets, available at the Beaver County Courthouse, 800 3rd Street, in the Treasurer’s Office (724-728-5700, ext. 7751). Dogs must be kept on a leash or within a fenced-in yard while outside. While walking your pet in the Borough, it is your responsibility to clean up any droppings. Violators will be subject to a fine of $300.  

Duquesne Light – Power outage

Customers who experience an outage should call 412-393-7100 to report their outage or click on the “Report Outage” link on their website. In addition, you may follow their Facebook and Twitter pages, as they post up-to-date alerts regarding outages in their service territory.

Election Calendar – Beaver County

To view the election calendar please click the attached ( 2024 Election Calendar )


  • Duquesne Light ‐ Ph 888‐393‐7100. Website – Duquesne Light
  • Pennsylvania Power/FirstEnergy – Ph 724‐598‐2200. Website – FirstEnergy

Facility Rental

Contact the Borough Office 724-773-6700 to verify date availability.  Reservations for the next year cannot be made until January 1st.

Reservation forms are available under Residents tab / Permits

Fee Schedule

At the regular meeting of the Beaver Borough Council held on December 14, 2021, the following fees were adopted and should be immediately implemented. All fees and monies collected are to be turned over to the Borough Office for deposit. 2024 Borough Fee Schedule

Fire Department

Beaver Volunteer Fire Department is located at 165 Market Street, Beaver. Ph 724‐775‐1550. FOR EMERGENCIES, CALL 911! Website – Beaver Fire Department

Garage Sales / Yard Sales

No more than two (2) yard sales may be conducted at one site in a calendar year. A permit issued by the Borough is required for each yard sale. The permit shall be issued promptly upon the filing of a completed application with the Borough.  Permit forms are available under Residents tab / Permits

2024 Annual Town Yard Sale (no permit needed) – Date TBD


Stay safe – Make sure your family knows how to detect natural gas, and what to do when it’s detected.  A message from Columbia Gas Stay safe

Health Officer

Beaver Borough employs a part-time Health Officer. The Health Officer is responsible for inspection and certification of all food establishments, food trucks, grocery and convenience stores, schools and churches within Beaver Borough. Restaurant health and food safety complaints can be made by contacting Health Officer Patrick McGuire at (724) 968-9363 or

Leaf Pickup

Leaf pickup begins towards the end of October through the end of November. Leaves will be picked up according to the normal no‐parking schedule. If you have leaves before or after the actual pickup times, you must take them to the yard waste area with your permit purchased at the Borough office.


The Beaver Area Memorial Library is located at 100 College Avenue, Beaver. Ph 724‐775‐1132. Website – Beaver Library


Our Police Department is located on the first floor of the Borough Office, 469 Third Street, Beaver.

  • 911 ‐ EMERGENCY
  • 724-775-0880 – Non-Emergency
  • 724‐773‐6700 – Beaver Borough Administrative Office, Monday through Friday 8AM – 4PM.
  • 724‐775‐0880 ‐ After office hours to have an officer dispatched and/or to speak to an officer.

Property Maintenance

The Borough of Beaver takes great pride in its clean, well-kept, and inviting appearance.  All property owners are encouraged to keep their homes and property maintained (i.e., hedges trimmed, grass cut, not outside storage of building materials, etc.). Property Maintenance Ordinance
Code Enforcement Complaints – In order to file a complaint, call Rick Sprecker 724-462-4314.



Beaver is an environmentally friendly town. All residents are expected to take part in a recycling program.  Recycling containers are the responsibility of the homeowner. Call the Borough office for recycling container availability.

Recycling pick‐up will occur every other Monday as of August 1, 2022. To set up recycling pick up or for more information, please contact Joseph J. Brunner, Inc. at (724) 775-6665.

Recycling Bins
  • New 32-gallon recycling bins are available to Beaver Borough residents at the Borough Office during regular in-person business hours. Recycling bins are free to Beaver Borough residents while supplies last. Residents must have photo ID or proof of Beaver Borough residency. Questions can be forwarded to
Paper and Cardboard recycling is available in the recycling drop-off bins located next to the yard waste area. A permit is not required to utilize the paper and cardboard recycling bins. 
Residential recycling cannot collect televisions, computers and computer peripherals at the curb. This is because the State of Pennsylvania has banned these items from landfills (see the Covered Devices Recycling Act (CDRA), Pa Act 108 of 2010). Computer peripherals include monitors, keyboards, mice, external drives, printers and other devices exclusively plugged into a computer. Do not place these items at the curb or you may be cited. These items must be taken to an electronics retail store or collection location where they will be collected for recycling purposes. For more information on the new CDRA Act or a more comprehensive list of facilities, please visit the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) website or Beaver County Waste, Brady’s Run Park – 724-770-2064.  Brady’s Run Park Recycling Center – 2024 Fact Sheet

Right To Know

Right to Know Officer – Rebecca Phillips or Chief Daniel Madgar
Download the application Right to Know Application


  • Public school (K‐12) ‐ Beaver Area School District Office is located at 1300 Fifth Street, Beaver. Ph 724‐774‐4021. Website – Beaver Area School District
  • Private school (K‐8) – Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School is located at 370 East End Avenue, Beaver. Ph 724‐774‐4450. Website – Saints Peter & Paul School

Sidewalk Rules

All Borough residents are responsible for keeping their sidewalks free of grass, weeds, snow, ice and any obstructions or dangerous conditions. Any replacement or repair of sidewalks or curbs needs to contact the Borough office at 724‐773‐6700 to obtain guidelines and permit.

For safety reasons, please keep your sidewalks cleared of snow and ice.  when shoveling the snow from your sidewalk, DO NOT shovel it into the street.  Per IPMC Chapter 3:302.3 Sidewalks and Driveways:  All sidewalks, walkways, stairs, driveways, parking spaces and similar areas shall be kept in a proper state of repair and maintained free from hazardous conditions.

Sign Boards

Sign Boards are located at Irvine Square and College Avenue – Permit forms are available under Residents tab / Permits

Skunk Control

Please visit for assistance how to prevent wildlife problems.

Companies in our area to trap/remove:
A to Z Wildlife 724-407-3670
Barcaskey Outdoors 412-849-1207
Beaver Falls Wildlife 412-413-9121
Critter Control 724-775-5444
Lanes Wildlife Control 724-544-4943


All individuals who solicit in Beaver Borough are required to obtain a soliciting permit from the Mayor, which can be obtained at the Beaver Police Department, and are advised that when they solicit, they are required to exhibit a copy of the permit and identification upon contact with the resident. If they cannot produce a permit, they are soliciting illegally. Soliciting is prohibited before 9AM and after 5PM, and all-day Sunday’s and holidays. If you come in contact with an individual who is soliciting illegally, please call the Beaver Police Department at 724‐773‐6709 (Monday through Friday 8AM – 4PM) or Non-Emergency Dispatch at 724‐775‐0880.

Spring Clean up

The Borough annual Spring Cleanup:
South Side (River side) – 2024 date TBD
North Side (Hill side) – 2024 date TBD

Street Parking

Liberal signage indicates when parking on certain street sides is prohibited in order to conduct an effective weekly street sweeping and snow removal program.  Snow removal generally occurs with three or more inches of new snow, plowing the main streets first, followed by the secondary streets, then alleys.  

Street Maintenance Schedule

Hours of operation Sunday – Thursday, 11:30PM – 7:30AM

Trash Pickup

Any of the following pickup in Beaver:

  • Joseph Brunner, Inc. – 724‐775‐6665
    Thanksgiving – normal schedule
    Christmas and New Year’s Day – pickup will be a day behind
  • J. Young Refuse – 724‐495-6199
  • Valley Waste Service – 724‐843‐9373

Tree Maintenance

Extensive pruning or removal of a tree within the Borough Right of Way requires an application for permit (no charge) from the Tree Commission. Permit forms are available under Residents tab / Permits or can be picked up at the Borough Offices.

Utility Companies

Electric – Duquesne Light, 1-888-393-7100.  Link provides residents with contact information in case of an outage or emergency.  Duquesne Light
Gas – Columbia Gas, 724-416-6300 Columbia Gas of PA
Phone – Verizon, 1-800-660-2215 Verizon
Cable – Comcast, 1-800-266-2278 Comcast 
Internet – GoNetspeed, 1-855-891-7291 GoNetspeed

Vehicle Registration

PennDOT Driver and Vehicle Services is located at 2580 Constitution Blvd., Beaver Falls. Ph 800‐932‐4600. Website – DMV – Pennsylvania

Voter Registration

Contact the Bureau of Elections located at the Beaver County Courthouse, 810 Third Street, Beaver. Ph 724‐770‐4440. Website – Bureau of Elections 

Find out where you are to vote, Polling Place Information – PA Voter Services

Water & Sewer

Visit the Municipal Authority Website —

Yard Waste Disposal / Notice of Illegal Dumping

Beaver Borough offers its residents a yard waste disposal facility along the Ohio River. This facility is for the disposal of yard wastes only such as grass, weeds, and branches. Residents must purchase an annual dumping permit at the Borough Office for $30.00.  Facility is available to residents only – NO CONTRACTORS.
Please be advised it is illegal to dump non-recyclable material such as trash at the borough collection facility.  Please help keep Beaver Borough clean by adhering to set guidelines for recycling.