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Quay Square Update – 10/25/17

Quay Square Update

The genesis of this potential park upgrade was a community survey conducted in conjunction with Beaver Borough’s most recent 10-year comprehensive plan.  Those results indicated a high percentage of respondents wanted to see our parks better utilized to both improve the quality of life for residents and help enhance the vitality of the central business district.  Borough Council allocated money in the 2017 budget to engage an urban planning firm to make suggestions for upgrades to Quay Square and its seldom used bandstand.  The Planning Commission was asked to oversee this exciting project and, after seeking proposals, selected Environmental Planning & Design (EPD), a well-regarded urban planner from Pittsburgh.

The study started with EPD conducting a well-attended public meeting in Quay Square one Saturday morning in June.  That meeting confirmed the importance of maintaining the dignity of the Veterans’ Memorials and most of the trees and greenspace. At a subsequent public Planning Commission (PC) meeting EPD submitted 3 concept plans. The PC entertained much public input and then selected one of the three concepts.  Two variations of that plan were shown at the October public meeting and the PC members then selected the version below for further refinement. 

EPD will be making a presentation on this plan at the Planning Commission meeting on Monday Nov 20th at 7pm. Public attendance and input is welcomed.  

EPD will also make recommendations for funding sources.  If Borough Council eventually approves this park project, we envision it being paid for with a combination of public funds and grants as well private fundraising from families, businesses and foundations.  

Beaver Borough Planning Commission