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Quay Square Study Underway

In the 2015 and 2016 timeframe Beaver Council directed the Planning Commission to update the borough’s mandatory Comprehensive Plan.  This is required every 10 years and serves as a guide for the next 10 years.   The Borough had professional help with this update, conducted several public meetings and administered a community wide on-line and paper survey with 500 respondents providing a reliability factor over 95%.   

When asked about this proposition: “Improve/re-purpose a portion of Quay Square as a venue designed to support diverse activities like a variety of food vendors, entertainment, arts and crafts artisans, etc aimed at drawing people to our business district.”, respondents by a count of five to one agreed or strongly agreed with this concept.  

Related, this question was also asked: “Some say that Beaver’s downtown has become more of a lively destination spot than in years past, do you agree and is it a positive trend?”, 95% of respondents agreed it was livelier and 99% agreed it was a positive trend. 

Consequently, Borough Council added funding to the 2017 borough budget to more formally study possible improvements to Quay Square.   The Planning Commission was asked to oversee this study.  We developed a scope of work, sought quotes from urban planning firms, and selected Environmental Planning & Design (EPD), a well-regarded Pittsburgh firm.   

EPD facilitated a well-attended public meeting in Quay Square on Saturday 6/17.   The importance of the Veterans’ memorials and trees were emphasized that day.  The Planning Commission has been asked to select the best ideas from the initial three concepts EPD presented at a public meeting on 8/7 and now posted at .  This direction will result in a more tailored plan for consideration.  This will be discussed at the September Planning Commission meeting on Monday September 18 at 7pm.  The public is invited to attend. 

Included in EPD’s scope of work is recommendations for funding sources. If these park improvements ultimately receive Council approval, we envision a combination of public funding, public grants, private fund raising and foundation funding.  We believe a great and compelling plan can attract the necessary funding.   

A portion of the upcoming Planning Commission meetings will be used to choose the best plan for the monetary commitment Beaver has already made to EPD.  Whether the borough actually proceeds with this project will be a subsequent Borough Council decision.  


The Beaver Borough Planning Commission is in the beginning stages of planning improvements to Quay Park.  Much needs to be decided and your comments are invited and welcome at the monthly meetings.  The Planning Commission meets the third Monday of the month at 7pm.  Eventually, the Planning Commission will make a recommendation to Borough Council regarding these improvements.  Please consider the attached study prepared for and presented to the Planning Commission by the prestigious landscape architectural, urban design and community planning services firm, Environmental Planning and Design, LLC.  This study reflects comments made by the Planning Commission along with interested community members at a site visit held in early August and includes EPD’s first suggestions concerning potential improvements.

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