Borough of Beaver, PA • Established 1802

Beaver HARB considers draft goals and objectives for Historic Preservation Plan

Goal #1: Preserve & Protect the Historic Character of the Borough

“To ensure all historic structures within the Borough will be preserved, and to promote the awareness of cultural

activities.”  And   “Build upon and improve the existing architectural and streetscape character of the Borough by

establishing guidelines and standards for future development, reuse and expansion.”


  1. Develop a community-wide Preservation Design Ethic
  2. Provide Tools for Design Review (Design Guidelines)
  3. Strengthen the Ordinance
  4. Develop System for ongoing administration of the Ordinance
  5. Develop a Regular Training Program
  6. Consider Conservation Planning outside of HD
  7. Be aware and seek assistance from outside sources, when needed
  8. Promote Historic Streetscapes
  9. Ensure support and funding from Borough for HARB and preservation activities
  10. Endangered Property Program


Goal #2: Increase Public Awareness of Beaver’s History and Historic Resources

“Support and use the existing library and museum.” /“Education – Understanding – Appreciation – Preservation”


  1. Lecture/Workshop Program
  2. Walking Tours: Local, Regional
  3. Program of regularly Published Articles
  4. Recognition Program: “Historic Building of the Month”
  5. Make Existing HP Materials Available
  6. Contractor Referral Program
  7. Attract Volunteers
  8. Utilize Monuments/Attractions


Goal #3: Maximize Economic Benefits of the Historic Preservation Program

Property Values / Business


  1. Maximize Property Values
  2. Address Rental Conversions
  3. Develop Heritage Tourism Program
  4. Interpretive Signage (selective)
  5. Support Retail & Restaurants on Third Street
  6. Tax Credit Awareness


Goal #4. Identify Funding Needs and Sources Objectives:

  1. Develop list of non-profit or borough-owned historic properties that may need funding
  2. Develop list of future planning components that may need funding
  3. Develop list of funding sources and timing
  4. Consider Certified Local Government Program


Next Meeting tentatively set for July 26, 2018 – 7 PM at Borough Building.