Borough of Beaver, PA • Established 1802

August 18th through August 21st – Helicopter Oral Rabies Vaccine Bait Distribution

Beaver Borough has been notified by the USDA (United States Department of Agricultural) that ORV (oral rabies vaccines) will be dropped by helicopter from August 18th – August 21st. To ensure sufficient baiting, helicopters may be moving within the same area multiple times in a slow manner.

Two different baits will be dropped; a plastic sachet or packet that is coated in fish meal and a block made of fish meal that holds the vaccine within the center.

Oral rabies vaccines produce little threat to humans and animals when exposed, but the public is asked to avoid contact with the baits to increase the likelihood of consumption by raccoons. If a bait must be moved, please use gloves or hand tools to remove it from the undesired location.

The public is asked to keep dogs confined to their properties or on leashes during the week of rabies hand baiting and the week after.

Please click the links below to read the letter of notification and Questions and Answers about Oral Rabies Vaccine.

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